Kesha helps non-profits and small business owners with contract drafting, form review, and other small business needs.

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Kesha attended New York Law School and graduated in 2009. After law school she served in the United States Air Force as a JAG officer. Military service taught leadership skills, the importance of collaboration, and the need to be flexible.

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We help draft bylaws, policies and procedures.

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Kesha began her legal career in 2009 with a direct commission to the United States Air Force as a JAG officer. She especially enjoyed providing legal assistance to veterans like drafting wills and powers of attorney and advising Airmen about civil matters. Employment law, consumer law, and environmental law are just a few of the areas Kesha was tasked with. In addition, she acted as prosecutor in courts-martial and gained valuable litigation experience.

Practicing in a military courtroom established a deep respect for the judicial system and it shows when she is in court. Kesha's maxim is to always be respectful to judges, their staff, and her colleagues yet advocate passionately for her clients; she is able to strike that balance and understands that being in court can be one of the most stressful things her client has ever dealt with.


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What if I have a legal issue but I am in another state?
You should always seek out legal counsel in your state but if you have an attorney Kesha can consult with them on your issue and offer valuable insight and resources. If you are looking for an attorney in your state Kesha may be able to connect you to people who can help.
How do the fees work for legal services and for consulting services?
Kesha offers flat fees for legal services and contingency fee arrangements which means she doesn’t get paid until you do. A less common arrangement is a retainer where you pay up front and the attorney bills against that amount, refunding you any amount not earned.

Consulting fees are hourly and begin at $100 an hour. Please send a message or call for more details.