Medical Board Complaints

If you have a medical board complaint you should have an attorney write it for you. A complaint from an attorney carries more weight. If you are ready to submit a medical board complaint it usually means that whatever happened was very serious so you really should consider hiring an attorney for something so important. The complaint should mention relevant law. And the complaint should include relevant medical specific information like the standard of care and concepts like informed consent and informed refusal. If you have been forced to undergo a medical procedure and didn’t give consent or didn’t have the information needed to give consent that was actually informed, it is important to mention this in a complaint. The attorney can also communicate back and forth with the board which means you don’t have to revisit the nightmare of what happened to you.

Your attorney can also represent you at a hearing, if one is scheduled, and help you gather evidence or review evidence. Recently, a potential client told me about an unsuccessful complaint. The doctor lied in his response and made statements like, the patient was only given one bag of IV fluids. But the truth was that the patient was given 2 bags of IV fluid. If I were working on the complaint I would have said prove it and demanded that they show in the medical records where only one bag was given. Getting electronic copies of your medical records should also be done before your complaint is submitted. Medical board complaints aren’t usually successful but they can be! You increase your odds with an attorney who is familiar with licensing, the standard of care, and the medicine relevant to your issue. Please at least consult with an attorney before filing a medical board or nursing board complaint.