Kesha Zaffino, is a skilled advocate for clients seriously injured in car wrecks, big rig accidents, motorcycle accidents and other types of personal injury cases. She knows how insurance adjuster handle claims and will work with you closely throughout the process. Kesha always returns client phone calls and emails promptly

You Should Be Fairly Compensated If You Have Been Injured In An Accident

Most personal injury claims can be resolved by negotiations between the parties without having a trial. We will stay in close contact while you get medical treatment. Many clients miss work but we can pursue reimbursement for any wages you lost. It is important that you read and understand your own automobile policy in the event that you have to use your under or uninsured coverage. Med Pay is inexpensive to add to your policy and will cover medicals including out of pocket expenses like co-pays which may not normally be covered. Does your insurance policy include Med Pay?

Children are required to be in car seats until college graduation nowadays. Did you know that the insurer should replace your child’s car seat? In the event that it takes longer to replace than expected please do not continue to use a car seat that has been in an automobile collision. Find a temporary replacement until the insurer provides you with a new car seat.

Helpful Information

Although we can obtain the police report and medical bills for you, it will expedite the process if you have that information on hand for your consultation. Many firms will gladly acquire these records for you but they simply take the fees/cost of doing so out of your settlement award. Additionally, patients are often charged less than firms who request this information. You will need your medical records and billing. Sometimes the doctor's office does not keep the billing records. Find out what company does and request the bills. Insurance claims adjusters want to review billing in addition to your medical records before paying a claim.